Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 

Welcome to the FINDING SERIES     

Finding Hope


 Finding Treasures

A Daily Devotional Book Published by

Triumphant Publications

This is a book you will cherish day in and day out.

These daily treasures go right to the heart to

help, heal and encourage you in your Christian walk with the Lord, addressing a different need everyday.



Cost: US Orders 20.00 plus $4.47  S/H  Total: $24.67

Orders outside the US, call me for shipping and handling costs 865-924-9620

 4 ways to obtain a copy:

1. Pay Pal - a secure site

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3. Order from your local bookstore: ISBN # 978-0-9772800-8-7 or just ask for
the book using my name, as author.

4. Purchase from Moon Pie General Store & The Original Book Warehouse, 3127 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863 *  865-740-7372 are stocking both books.

6. Both books available in Amazon Kindle Edition 

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                FINDING HOPE in God's 


              This book is one-of-a-kind, paperback                                          tracing                         

God's Everlasting Friendship

right to the door of your heart, replacing hope-so with everlasting hope. 


 Finding Hope in God's     Everlasting,    

        Intimate Friendship           

covers many of the major questions you may be  curious about. There are straight forward answers to many "hard" things seldom discussed.

Hopefully, these answers will open up a world of confidence in God, clarify mysterious portions of Scripture and help you apply them afresh, giving you hope. Memorable and amusing stories will help you apply God's promises and experience a life of blessing.

       This book has been used in several Women's Bible Studies.

Each chapter ends with A summary of truths will aid in group discussions.

Finding Hope in God's Everlasting, Intimate Friendship is about your intimate friendship with the Creator of the world. Every morning our Creator brings the light up into the sky and overcomes darkness. It is a picture of what He does in your life, chasing the darkness away and filling your life with Himself.

Cost: US Orders  $14.99 plus 2.76 S/H  Total $17.75

4 ways to order a copy for yourself:

1. PayPal  a secure site

For orders outside the U.S. email me at for shipping and handling charges.

2.Send a check for $17.75  to cover shipping and handling to:  Cell: 865-924-9620
Ina Manly Painter
11946 Abners Ridge Drive
Knoxville, TN 37934

3. Order from your local Christian Bookstore.

ALSO, if you would rather purchase FINDING HOPE as an Ebook, go to . . it's only $2.99! What a bargain!

4. Moon Pie General Store (See Above).

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