Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 

              Your Greatest Need                   

"Your words were found

and I ate them,

and Your words

became for me

a joy and the delight

of my heart;  

for I have been called

by Your name,

O Lord God of hosts."

Jeremiah 15:16




The greatest need any of us have

is to possess a true knowledge of God.

Knowing Him may not seem at all that essential,

until something drastic happens.

then our mind may be flooded

with the question of what are we to do next.  



God may bring you to His Word through painful

circumstances orchestrated for your good

and His glory. 

It may be nothing more than your

having to live in a place

you have never lived before and you feel lost.

Perhaps you are surrounded by people

who do not understand you

and you feel isolated and alone.

Or perhaps you have never been to church

or read a Bible,

or talked to someone that is a Christian.



Or perhaps you have a severe illness

and you believe you are not likely to recover.

It may be that you are older and your children and grandchildren do not seem to care about you anymore. Perhaps the death of someone dear to you,

loss of your job, severe loneliness,

a traffic accident, or a failed relationship,

or any number of things have stolen you peace

and you are miserable. 



The Bible is the only true and lasting revelation. Through it's message you can learn about God.  You can come to know how you may have a lasting and fulfilling relationship with Him.

He says He is the way, the truth and the life.

Pray to Him. Ask Him to help you.

Ask Him to come into your heart and life

and give you purpose and meaning.


If what I am saying seems strange, talk to someone who knows a strong Christian who delights in God's Word and can point you in the right direction.



Also, find a Bible or purchase one for yourself.

I suggest a New American Standard Bible.

The New Geneva Bible is the Bible I use, along with the Amplified Bible. 

The reason I recomment either of the above three Bibles

is because is has been translated from the

original Hebrew and the Greek ,

having been written

by holy men who were taught by the Holy Spirit centuries ago.


The Living Bible, and others that are conversational Bibles ,so-to-speak, are not translations from the original languages.

They are only someone's summary of what they think

is correct, and their opinion may not be correct at all.  


God's Word, the Bible,  

is the only true and lasting revelation. 

Its pages contain beautiful treasures. It is the most fundamental of all books

and the knowledge contained in it is sweet to the soul

of the one who delights to study it.

To open its pages is to be surrounded by truth - God's truth that is accompanied by the person of the Holy Spirit

who leads and teaches you

in the understanding of it's sacred meaning. 


Don't give up. Pray that God will help you. And I can tell you from experience that He will surely do so.

Here is my email if you would like to contact me.




Father, help me to get to know you, to love you and love your Word. 

Help me understand what you have for me this day, this week,

this year, and the rest of my life.  













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