Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 

   God's Sovereignty



If there's any one subject that generates anger among some Christians, it's the truth of God's sovereignty.

God's rules over everything, large and small,

from governing the hairs on our heads to governing nations.

The world is God's possession.

Contrary to popular opinion,

the world does not belong to Satan.

It belongs to God. Just as the song says,

" This is my Father's world. O let me ne'er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, 

God is the Ruler yet."


This world is the stage upon which history - the events of God's sovereign, causal and primary actions - plays out.

Our actions are merely a reaction to God's first action.

It's a tough truth to accept.

A truth that is so diametrically opposite

to the natural pride of the human heart cannot but arouse objections.

To all objections there is but one answer and that is the statement of the apostle Paul

in Romans 9:20

"Nay but, O man,who art thou?"

Only when we are brought to know ourselves can we be in a position to learn of God. 


My Finding Hope in God's Everlasting, Intimate Friendship book

discusses this subject, and others,

at great length.

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