Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 

                    The Power of Sin



But the Scripture [pictures all mankind as sinners] shut up and imprisoned by sin,

so that [the inheritance, blessing]

which was promised

through faith in Jesus Christ, the Messiah,

might be given

(released, delivered and committed)

to [all] those who believe - who

adhere to and trust in

and rely on Him'"

Galatians 3:22 Amplified Bible



 If you  recognize that you are blinded by sin and your heart is hardened,

cry out to God.

Ask Him to break the power of sin

and set you free.  


God never allows His children

to remain in sin indefinitedly.

Sooner or later He will lovingly

bring your sin out into the open.  


 Even before then He may

gently lead you to repent,

so that you may be freed

from the misery of sin,

healed and lovingly restored

to sweet fellowship 

with Him again. 




Father, thank you that anytime

I am reminded that my sinful thoughts

and my sinful behavior

are condemned in Scripture,

I am assured that

forgiveness and deliverance

have been provided for me

through the Lord Jesus.

Thank you that I do not have to live

a life of constant

sin and misery,

as I trust in

and rely upon you. Amen.  





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