Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 

            The Patience of God     


Far less has been written upon this and other excellencies of the Divine character of God.   

Divine patience is that power of control which God exercises over Himself, causing Him to bear with the wicked and forebear so long in punishing.


The God Himself is wholly and completely patient. There is no impatience in Him (Romans 15:5).

Patience is one of His Divine titles,

one of His divine attributes. 

God is both the Author and Object

of the grace of patience

in the Christian. 


Because patient is one of God's  divine perfections. He does not "over" use it

or "under" use it.   


The patience of God is manifested in His dealings with sinners. 

How strikingly was it displayed

toward the lost world - the wicked world. 


God did not destroy the wicked until He had  forewarned them.

He "waited" (I Peter 3:20),

probably no less than one hundred and twenty years (Genesis 6:3),

during which time Noah was a "preacher of righteousness" (II Peter 2:5). 

His preaching was a message of salvation and love; however, the people would not hear it. The mocked and laughed at Noah's message. 


How wondrous is God's patience

with the world today.

On every side people are sinning with no regard for God

or His holy Word. 

God's divine law is trampled under foot

and God Himself is openy despised. 


Today we are seeing a lot of God's judgments in all the earth. 

And as Job has said, 

"We are receiving far less 

than our iniquities deserve."

(Job 11:6).




















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