Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 


"Do not say, I will repay evil'; 

wait for the Lord,

and He will save you."



Are you revengeful toward a certain person?

If so, have you thought about letting it go?

Would you agree that your enemy can do no greater harm to you than you are doing to yourself? 


Think about it!

If you plot and plan as to how to take revenge

upon someone, 

you are not actually hurting them,

you are hurting yourself 

by keeping your wounds open.   

Would you agree?


Let me ask you:

Why would you drink poison in an effort

to harm another person,

when drinking poison will only harm you?


 Going against God's instructions regarding revenge

never profits any of us,

don't you agree?


Why not wait for Him

to take care of your needs?

 Consider laying our your arguments, i

n humility and faith before God.

Only He can save you from yourself

and give you a peaceful and glorious victory. 


And one more thing



If ever you are in a tough situation,

and you feel you need to repent,

but find it difficult, 

 ask God to help you.


He is far more eager to forgive you

that you are to be forgiven.

Ask Him to give you a heart

that loves Him

more than you love yourself.


Thank Him that you are renewed by repentance,

and at the same time freed

from the bondage of sin

and agonizing guilt.



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