Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 

           Our Awesome God                                    

O God, awe inspiring, profoundly impressive and terrible are You out of Your holy places;  the God of Israel, He gives strength and fullness of might to His people. Blessed be God


Psalm 68:35 AMP

Above photo taken in Moab, Utah, a beautiful place displaying the wonders of our God.



It is striking to note how the supernatural is evidenced in connection with the giving of the manna.

In Exodus 16:16 we read:

"This is the things which the Lord hath commanded; gather an omer for every man, according to the number of your persons;

take ye every man for them which are in the tents." 


Now, a conservative estimate

of the total number of Israelites

who came out of Egypt would be two million, for they had six hundred thousand men

able to go forth to war"

(See Numbers  1:45,46).


An "omer" was to be gathered for every one of these two million souls, and an "omer" is the equivalent of six pints.

There would be twelve million pints,

or nine million pounds gathered daily,

which was four thousand, five hundred tons.


Hence, ten trains, each having thirty cars, and each car having in it fifteen tons, would be needed for a single day's supply.

Over a million tons of manna were gathered annually by Israel. And let it be remembered this continued for forty years! Equally wonderful, equally miraculous, equally Divine in the Bible.


A.W. Pink, Gleaning in Exodus, page 124.


We serve an Awesome God. 















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