Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 


 "He has done all things well."

Mark 7:37



I have a few things I do well. 

I make a great chocolate pie.

As a REALTOR, I do things

pretty well most of the time.

You, no doubt, have lots of things

  you do well,also.

Jesus is the ONE PERSON

who does

ALL things well.



Have you ever been involved in something and run into a brick wall, so to speak?

Proceeding to the next step seemd mysterious and impossible.


I tried to get the lawn mower started once.

It seemed impossible to get the thing goin.I so wanted to surprise my husband with my great feat!

Finally, I resorted to asking God to show me what to do.

"Is God concered about the lawn mower and my seemingly good intentions?" I thought.

Well yes! Just as the Bible says,

He rules over all!

He does all things well.

And I knew from experience

that He answers prayers.


When it comes to my and your problems, Jesus rules over them, all of them.

He does all things well in behalf of His global concerns, for sure.

And He does all things well in those things that concern us also.


Make time to read your Bible everyday.

Find a good commentary to help in understanding.

The best Commentary, in my opinion, is

Matthew Henry's Commentary

on the whole Bible.

You will be absolutely thrilled to

find how much help it is.


You can easily find a copy on Amazon or in a Christian bookstore near you! 

Be sure and get the one that has the Scripture printed along with the notes, and not one with notes, but no Scripture. It's an easier read and you won't have to

hold your Bible and the Commentary both along side one another,

unless you just prefer it that way!!





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