Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 




 "Love endures long

and is patient and kind;

love never is envious

nor boils over with jealousy;

it is not boastful

or vainglorious,

does not display itself haughtily." 


I Corinthians 13:4

Amplified Version


Envy consists of a disposition of dissatisfaction

or dislike

over the fact

or thought

that someone seems to be  ahead of us

or above us

or superior to us in honor,

position, respect, success,

possessions, or effectiveness.



Current examples:


A certain business person may work very hard to get his business on the way to making a profit, then another person opens a business down the street that offers many of the same kinds of products.  

That's hard to "swallow" as we say! 


A teenager may have been on a restrictive diet for a long time, without much success. A new person comes to school that is slim and beautiful!

That too is hard to "swallow!"


 A man at the office seems to do better than you do. You have worked for years to keep your job and now it looks like you may be eleminated.

That is hard to "swallow" as well!



A single mother may be having difficulty raising her children all by herself, without much succees.

Another single mother enrolls her children in the same school and they all look like model children.


The Remedy


First of all, if you are a Christian, you can be assured that God is working

in every situation that takes place in your life.  

Ask God to help you understand what He wants you to do.

Go to His Word, read it and in faith, depend upon it!

Ask God to help you!

Ask Him to make Himself real to you

and help you understand

what you are reading.



Consider the following verses: 


"This also comes from the Lord of hosts, Who is wonderful in counsel, [and] excellent in wisdom and effectual working."Isaial 28:29


"My help comes from the Lord,

Who made Heaven and earth."Psalm 121:2




"All of us, as with unveiled face, [because we]  continued to behold [in the Word of God]

as in a mirror

the glory of the Lord,

are constantly being transfigured

into His very own image in ever increasing splendor

and from one degree of glory to another;

[for this comes] from the Lord [Who is] the Spirit." 2 Corinthians 3:18 Amplified Bible


When you open the Bible,

Ask God to help you,

and to make Himself real to you

Also ask Him to help you understand

what you are reading.


I promise that if you cry out to Him

from your heart,

He will be to you the very help you need.

He will teach you and encourage you. 

He has the power to transform you, to change you from a life of envy to a life

that obeys and delights in Him alone, no matter what your circumstances may be. 


There is nothing lacking

in God's directions.

He leaves you with no uncertainty

as to what He demands of you. 

He says,

'This is the way, walk in it.'


Scripture gives you all the directions

you need for your salvation,

and for faith and life as a Christian.


Those treasures are very clear.

'Blessed are those who hear

the word of God and observe it.'

(Luke 11:28).


What do you think about 

studying God's Word today,

so as to discern

His clear directions for your life?



"The hope of the righteous

shall be gladness"

(Proverbs 10:28)



"Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling,

and to present you faultless before 

the presence of His glory


exceeding joy."

(Jude 24)


"You have made known to me

the ways of life;

you shall make me full of joy

with your countenance."

(Acts 2:28) 


  "Let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice:

let them ever shout for joy,

because thou defendest them;

let them also that love thy name

be joyful in thee."

( Psalm 5:11)



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