Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 

             Come and Hear

"Come and hear,

all ye that fear God,

and I will declare

what He hath done for my soul." 




Do you sometimes get caught up

with speculations - wondering what would have happened if you had done this or that in your life?




God has given you enough to keep your mind busy without speculating on things that haven't happened.

In fact God says in Deuteronomy 29:29

that the secret things,

things we do not know and He has not shown to us,

those things belong to Him.


However, what He has revealed in His Word belongs to us.

They are ours.

And for this reason

we should spend time reading and meditating

on His Word

rather than making speculations that lead us nowhere.  




Here is a list of a few things God calls you to do:


1. He calls you to meditate on the wonders of His grace, His faithfulness, how He carries out in your life and soul what He has promised (Psalm 71:15);


2. He calls us to declare His righteousness;

His salvation (Psalm 71:15 also);


3. His strength and power (Psalm 71:18);


4.His way of cleaning you from sin (Psalm 119:9);


Ask God to help you study His Word and delight in it. Ask Him to help you turn away from speculating 

about what may have been.


God has provided for you.

He has brought into your life

what Has been pleasing to Him

and what has been and is

good for you. 




"If anyone loves Me,

he will keep My word;

and My Father will love him,

and We will come to him

and make Our abode with him."

(John 14:23).













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