Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul
Finding Hope, Not Hope - So, For Your Soul 

                       A True Friend                 

"Bear one another's burdens, and thereby

fulfill the law of Christ.

 Galatians 6:2 



The friend that faithfully pleads

before God for your needs is a true friend.

It is an invaluable proof of their love,

not only for you,

but for God.   



Those who share your

deepest pain

and mourn with you when you mourn

are more likely to forgive your faults

and restore you into their fellowship

when no one else will.   


How about you?

Are you bearing burdens that are not your own?

Are you sincere in caring

for those who are hurting?

Do you pray for those who are in pain?

How about those who have such great faults

that they are not befriended by anyone? 

Would you consider befriending them?



God's Word tells us to

pray for those who are in prison. 


Remember those who in prison,

as if you were their fellow prisoner;

and those who are ill-treated,

since you also are

liable to bodily sufferings. 

Hebrews 13:3


I have two friends that are in prison

that I write to

every few weeks.

What a blessing they are to me,

and have been for over 7 years now. 


It is a great day for me when I take one of their letters out of our mailbox.

They think I am ministering to them.

Actually, they are ministering to me. 



Father, help me to care for others

and be a true friend

to those you bring along my pathway. 

Help me to carry their burdens

when their load

often seems too burdensome for them to bear. Help me to consider their pain

and pray for them diligently

as if I were the one

experiencing the overwhelming hurt and pain.  Amen













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